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Eskrima Serrada

Eskrima Serrada

The International Eskrima/Serrada Association c. was formed with the blessing of the late Grandmaster Angel Cabales by Grand Master Uddin. This organization was formed to continue the tradition of Philipino martial arts and culture.

Any adult, regardless of gender or size, will learn to be able to effectively deal with a violent encounter and learn to manage fear and stress.

From I.E.S.A.'s c. basic foundation, a student can quickly react to counter a multitude of attacks. After consistent training, a student will possess a practical foundation and feel confident to protect him/herself in a variety of situations.

Dealing with concepts from armed to unarmed combat, Eskrima/Serrada is a complete art.

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Silat Serak

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak

Silat Serak is the mother art of both Pukulan, taught by Guru Robert Neal and Guru Tara Gruberger, and Silat Bukti Negara. Silat Serak is a traditional Indonesian martial art that was brought to the United States by Pendekar Paul de Thouars. Silat Serak is an intricate system that is based on position, leverage, and angles. Silat Serak is a close-quarters combative system, meaning you engage opponents with close personal weapons (such as sticks, knives, improvised weapons, etc.) or hand-to-hand combat. Silat Serak concentrates on rapidly disabling an opponent with potential lethal force. Silat Serak encourages its practitioners to end a confrontation as quickly as possible by rapidly attacking vital areas (such as groin, eyes, joints, etc.)  and spinal compressions. These strikes are taught in chain sequences called Jurus. Silat Serak practitioners are also taught to always take initiative and remain on offense until the threat is neutralized. 

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Pukulan is a system comprised of multiple Silat styles including but not limited to Serak, Bukti Negara, and Cimande. Pukulan has a heavy emphasis on striking. Pukulan is primarily a self-preservation and street fighting system. Pukulan provides foundational principles and reliable self-defense that has been real-world tested. The knowledge of Pukulan will lead you into your deeper studies of Bukit Negara, with the ultimate goal of understanding Silat Serak in its entirety. 

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Silat Bukti Negara

Silat Bukti Negara

Silat Bukti Negara is a Silat style created by the legendary Pendekar Paul de Thouars in 1984 in Arcadia, CA. Pendekar Paul de Thouars created Bukti Negara based on the principles of Silat Serak. Bukti Negara is a style taught prior to Silat Serak, so a Silat player can learn the principles of Silat Serak before moving onto the complex system of Silat Serak. 


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Our comprehensive self-defense course will teach you how to defend yourself against punches, grabs, and weapons. Our instructors have years of training and are exceptional teachers in self-defense.

Note: This self-defense course is not a martial art. It will teach you how to defend yourself if someone attacks you. If you are interested in learning a martial art, please see one of our other programs.

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